[kforge-dev] Debian packages

Martin Fuzzey mfuzzey at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 23:59:55 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I now have first versions of the packages.

For the moment they are on my server.

To get the sources add

deb-src http://www2.fuzzey.dynalias.net/debs etch main contrib non-free

to your sources.list

you can then do

$sudo aptitude update
$apt-get source domainmodel kforge

To build them make sure you have devscripts installed and do

$cd domainmodel-0.2
$debuild -us -uc
$cd ../kforge-0.14
$debuild -us -uc

This will build the binary packages

To install them you will either need a local repository or use gdebi
(which unfortunately has gtk dependencies on etch)

If you are feeling lazy and trusting you can also add
deb http://www2.fuzzey.dynalias.net/debs etch main contrib non-free

and install my prebuilt binaries (at your own risk and peril!)

There are still a few rough edges:
* I'm not quite sure how to handle removing a plugin package while
kforge instances still exist
* There are a few lintian warnings (missing man files)
* I still have trouble reloading the apache config file sometimes...

The README.Debian attached to get an idea how it works.
For the moment the packages only install on etch (with python-routes
from backports as explained in the README.Debian)
They build on etch and gutsy
To install on gutsy / lenny will require fixing the dependency on the
old SqlObject.


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