[kforge-dev] Using nose test runner

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Thu Sep 11 19:08:48 UTC 2008

Hi Rufus,

Having seen this page:

It's fairly clear that 'nose' is very much considered at the heart of 
Python, and well looked after.

However, I've still been feeling rather troubled by the radical break 
with the KForge coding style, which I estimate to be far more important 
than the any differences between the test runners on offer.

So I propose this deal: we continue to introduce nose to discover and 
run tests, but we stick with unittest.TestCase style of writing tests. 
That's basically: inherit from unittest.TestCase, call setUp() and 
tearDown(), and use the assertEquals() methods.

But I would like to gently indicate that I'm deciding not to continue 
with a mixed style of test units, because there's no reason for not 
observing the established style. We have neither the resources for 
changing over 2 years worth of test suite, nor for riding two style horses.

Best wishes,


Appropriate Software Foundation

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