[kforge-user] Questions about improvements needed :-)

Nicolas BLANC n.blanc at meetic-corp.com
Wed Jun 6 13:48:06 UTC 2007

> > But now, there is one feature i need, which will not be  made quickly
> > by our lovely kforge developpers i think. The 'tags' feature. I need
> > this or my own purpose. So i plan to implement it with my team. I ask
> > you to know how i can do this job with kforge's dev team... In order to
> > give this feature, if i can make it working ? (if , as i think, you
> > can't do it quickly ;-) )
> We'll do our best to assist and if you do contribute your patch back 
> we'll look to integrate it in future releases.

Thx a lot :-)

> > 	By 'tags feature', i mean what you can see on the mysql forge... Will
> > be very usefull for us.
>  From what I can see you would just like to be able to attach 
> keywords/tags to each project. Am I right?

Exactly. For example, we have several projects written in PHP, others in
C, others in C++, etc... Attach a tag 'php' to each php project can help
us to find easily some projects. The main need is to find library that
another developper can re-use. And with tags it will be simple to find
project tags with for example 'cluster' 'c' and 'library'...

So i will  join developer mailing soon, or perhaps one of my team
member. And start to work on this feature.

Nice to see you're so open for contribution (contrib acceptance is not
always the rule in open source project.).

Nicolas BLANC.

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