[kforge-user] KForge v0.17 released

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Tue Nov 10 23:10:39 UTC 2009

Hi Gunnar,

Gunnar Läthén wrote:
> I noticed that you removed the member_role and person_role parameters 
> from the kforge config file. We currently rely on these since we 
> modified the permission lists so that, for example, new persons are 
> Friend instead of the default Visitor. Luckily inserting the parameters 
> in the config file still works, but please don't remove the possibility 
> to change inital roles in the underlying system..   :-)

I'll make sure we don't! Those parameters were only removed from the 
example config file. (Perhaps it would be better if they were still in 
the example?) But in any case, we do need to write a guide to the config 
file (and probably implement some error checking on user values).

FYI most values in the system dictionary can be overridden by setting 
the dictionary word value in the kforge.conf. You can see the list of 
all dictionary words by looking in:


Let us know if you have any other thoughts, questions or queries!

Best wishes,

> Regards,   Gunnar

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