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Hi Sam, one approach that has worked for me before is to set out 5 types of data that exist around an individual in simple terms that people can engage with, and point to the more detailed articulation for those that want it.

The simple version is:

My data - undeniable mine, I create it and manage it

Your data - your data about me ('you' typically equalling a supplier, but also applies to peers)

Our data - the data we co-create (and both technically have rights to and a copy of)

Their data - entities that have data about me without having a relationship with me (credit bureau, ad networks etc)

Everybody's data - what would typically be seen as 'open data'.

The more detailed version is here. That's a few years old and could use an update but I think the core logic remains correct.

Of course BIS and ODI have confused that logic using the term 'midata' for what I would describe as 'our data'. No matter, it's a well meaning effort.

Hope that helps.



On 2 Jul 2013, at 20:32, Sam Smith <s at msmith.net> wrote:

> Hey all,
> Has anyone seen a good discussion on how to talk about personal data (midata esque) at an open data type event, in a way which doesn't confuse the audience into believing that the speaker is suggesting that personal data should be OGL licensed...
> It's a hard problem. Even HSCIC (talking about every person's GP health records) and ODI have got this wrong...
> Regards
> Sam
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