[MyData & Open Data] Wrapping up the open data & privacy project

Sally Deffor sally.deffor at okfn.org
Wed Feb 25 08:56:51 UTC 2015

Hi all,
Hope you are all doing great. A quick update to say that the Open Data &
Privacy project which we have been implementing jointly with ORG over the
past year ends at the end of this month (as the grant runs out). I'll no
longer be with Open Knowledge but various other team members will be
keeping an eye on different aspects of the project, so after Friday feel
free to reach out to katelyn.rogers at okfn.org if you have questions.

I must say a huge thanks to all of you for your immense contributions on
this list, via personal emails or even in person. This project was
essentially a great opportunity for learning for us as an org (and me
especially in an individual capacity), so thanks for the important role
that you played in making it happen. I have shared some of thoughts from
the project reports in this blog post (
and some of you might find some of the insights useful.

I will of course still be on this list (using sdeffor at gmail.com) and other
open knowledge lists so I'm sure our paths will cross again in cyberspace
if not in person!

Best of luck to you all.



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