[ok-scotland] Open data and EU Structural Funds

Paola Di Maio paola.dimaio at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 08:26:19 UTC 2010

Dear Jonathan

As discussed with you and Jo, I am planning a EU wide project to see how
certain funding is spent

While my initial priority was in the technology research sector, (I started
inquiries one year ago on some projects) recently I have realised that
massive amounts from structural funds
seem to be untracked. According to my initial findings, in Scotland only 20%
of the money allocate by the regional policy sector
is accounted for, the rest is a massiv question mark

That would make a good open data project 9get the data from the EU and track
it down to the last penny, then look for patterns, weaknesses, possible
improvements etc

I would be interested in collaborating with OK foundation to get this
started, but have not yet made the necessary contacts

Can you put me in touch with david McCandless, (is this guy?
AT Gmail), Liz, and anyone else who may be
interested in contributing or helping to lead the project?

I 'd like to keep an open page of all the correposndence, can I have a page
on the OK Foundation website/blog/wiki to track these progress on this
and make sure that all communication is open, so that anyone can jump in
anytime and get on board (there will be a lot of local  investigation to be
in the whole of Europe)

Thanks a lot
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