[ok-edinburgh] a note on status

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Tue Mar 16 23:07:25 UTC 2010

dear all,

Sorry that this effort has gone quiet, I've been away a lot recently and 
keep missing Robin. She and i and Stuart plan to sit down on Thursday 
afternoon at 3 in Buccleuch Place and write up an announce email 
including call for short talks, that can be sent out Friday.
All welcome to come along if feeling like a break from screen.

I dropped a note to Peter Murray-Rust asking if he would like to come up 
and give a keynote talk - I'd like to talk about who else we could 
invite to speak but PMR seems so obviously right. I fear he and Rufus 
may have a timing clash with the "Future Everything" event in 
Manchester, let's see what can be worked out.

k spk soon,


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