[ok-edinburgh] notes from last meet, invite sketchpad

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Sun Mar 21 19:59:28 UTC 2010

dear all,

Notes from meeting between Jo Robin Stuart are at this piratepad, and 
also pasted below. We discussed potential audience, use of space etc and 
resolved to meet briefly this Monday at around 4 to finalise the invite 
email text, and discuss PR with other EDINA colleagues.

- the invite-in-progress which should be fairly minimal - can also 
borrow from the London text...


Who to invite
- Angus from RIN on their open science project, new material maybe want 
to 'launch'? [Note there is a RIN talk at OKCon London i think]

- other RIN people, Stefan, etc

Informatics -   ( "citizen science", GalaxyZoo like project ) , 
bioinformatics projects

- Jo asked PMR, Rufus

- Scope of audience - across Scotland?
- government ventures - SDI, data.gov.sco - circulate?
- commercial ventures - Informatics spinoffs, Appleton Towers

- e.g. community building or broader audience
Fiona H-F and Linked Data

advertising event - Nicola social media advice,
other mailing lists (girkgeekscot? etc)

mainstreaming  / "solidifying" or people on bleeding edge

- Jackie could help w/ producing a flyer
- Nicola can help with social media promotion

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