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The Scottish Government's draft Strategic Action Plan for effective and responsible collection, management and use of data across Scottish Public Services has recently been published, The action plan is intended to support the delivery of the Data Management Board’s Data Vision to 2020, and is split into three broad themes:

Sharing of Personal Data in an effective and appropriate way to improve the design and delivery of public services while maintaining citizen trust;
Sharing and Linking of Data for use in Statistics and Research across organisational and functional boundaries to increase the power of data analysis; better inform policy, research and practice; and promote integrated service delivery; and
Data Innovation - Using existing and new data in new and creative ways.  Opening up data for reuse to support new developments in advanced data analytics. Investing in innovative use of data to drive public service reform and sustainable economic growth.
SG are seeking feedback on this document by 25th August. An overview and a link to the draft version 1 of the document are available at:

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