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> From: Lieke Ploeger <lieke.ploeger at okfn.org>
> Subject: [OpenGLAM] EU copyright consultation - final days to respond
> Date: 4 March 2014 11:06:29 GMT
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> Dear all,
> You've probably all read a lot already on the ongoing Public consultation on the review of EU copyright rules, which provides all of us an opportunity to push for a change on several important copyright issues, facilitating the future of a digital cultural commons that is freely accessible for everyone to enjoy. 
> The final deadline to respond is 5 March: more background information on the consultation, with a special focus on cultural heritage institutions is available here:
> Europeana: http://pro.europeana.eu/web/guest/pro-blog/-/blogs/copyright-public-consultation%3A-europeana-responds-have-you
> Model response by Kennisland: http://copyright4creativity.eu/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Kennisland-Model-Response-Cultural-Heritage.pdf
> Submission is made easier through OKF Germany's nice web interface: http://youcan.fixcopyright.eu/ or through http://copywrongs.eu/
> Best, Lieke
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