[OKCon-Programme] Action on topic area: Open Data Technology

Daniel Dietrich daniel.dietrich at okfn.org
Tue Apr 12 10:11:36 BST 2011

Hi all,

The topic area of "Open Data Technology" might be one of the most diverse and fruitful for this years OKCon 2011. However it seams that we have - so far - very little activity in this field. This is why we ask you to reach out and help:

	1. You as a speaker! please submit your own proposal via http://okcon.org/2011/submit/ or
	2. Reach out to the right people! Help us find the right people to invite to talk.

If you have any suggestions about speakers and or projects / groups that we should invite for this topic area please let us know! You can see whom we have invited so far at


All the best

Daniel Dietrich

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