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Dear Sebastian,

Thanks for your emails. Indeed, the topic might lend itself better to a presentation.

Organization is Oakdene Hollins http://www.oakdenehollins.co.uk/ . The authors of the paper are Adrian Chapman, Peter Willis and Nick Morley who wrote the paper before I joined Oakdene Hollins. I am now involved in the research track, and I am interested in getting the open data and open knowledge community on board in thinking about opening up archives, and thinking about innovating using forgotten R&D that has renewed relevance. I thought I could do this at OKCon with a semi-structured workshop in which we workshop the possibilities for opening up archives for re-invention, but indeed, a presentation might be better suited as the topic does not have a huge base of followers yet.

Is the application as it is right now sufficient for a presentation proposal? If not, let me know what you would like to have more.

Best regards,


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Dear Niels,
we discussed your proposal and are indeterminate about it.
Could you please send us some more information between 400 and 800 words, which explains the topic and the organization(time, people, schedule) of your proposed workshop more closely.
Please press reply all and include the programme committee at okcon-programme at lists.okfn.org<mailto:okcon-programme at lists.okfn.org>


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Hi Sebastian,

Excellent. I think it's great you pushed back the deadline to allow more people to put forth proposals.

I am now in two proposals, one with P2PU and one I put forth myself on the potential for re-invention for sustainability using open data.

As I was a bit unclear about the submission process on the wordpress blog, I might have undersold the workshop on re-invention by not outlining the workshop methodology and providing you with bio's of the people involved in the project.

I understand there is little room for you to ask all people who submit a proposal for clarification on certain aspects, but I would like to send you this brief message: please contact me if there are any unclarities in my application. I wasn't able to edit it after I sent it in I believe, so any chances I get to clarify things to you or other committee members would be great.

Hope the reviewing goes well,

Best regards,


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