[OKCon-Programme] OKCon Updates

Daniel Dietrich daniel.dietrich at okfn.org
Fri Jun 3 15:36:48 BST 2011

Dear all,

This is an update to let you know, we have archived quite a lot in the last days:

1. All submissions have been reviewed and all people who submitted have been noticed about acceptance (very few rejected).
2. OKCon 2011 Programme is published:


3. We are so excited about this great speakers to come and talk:


Please note that this programme and speakers list still might change a bit over the next days!

4. We have mailed all people who applied for travel bursaries.
5. We have booked some shared rooms people from the Open Knowledge Community, if interested:


Also we have spread the word over several mailing lists and blogs, even one on the P2P Foundations Blog :)

6. We also fixed logistics for all side events, like the Pre-OKCon workshops (you are invited)!

There are still some tickets left, so get your Ticket today, add this code to get 5€ discount: OKBERLIN


All the best

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