[OKCon-Programme] Thanks to all of you!

Daniel Dietrich daniel.dietrich at okfn.org
Wed Jun 22 17:28:54 BST 2011

Dear all,

OKCon is approaching very fast! In just about a week we will open the doors. I am personally very excited of the rich and diverse programme and the fantastic lineup of speakers. See your self:


All this was only possible with your help! Today I want to thank you all for your kind support !!! 

Regarding the organisation and process of the reviewing process I think we have learned a lot and will make sure to streamline the process, get some of the issues solved. For this we will start a documentation with HowTos and best practice at http://wiki.okfn.org/Okcon

I am not sure if we have made this explicit before: Of corse all of you are invited and will of corse get a free ticket of you are able and wish to attend OKCon!

Hope to see many of you in Berlin!


Daniel Dietrich

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