[OKFest-OpenDev] Dinner at Restaurant Zetor at 20.00

Pernilla Näsfors Pernilla.Nasfors at sida.se
Wed Sep 19 16:28:52 UTC 2012

Very last minute info on tonight's dinner at Restaurant Zetor (Link to Zetor site: j.mp/R07dvJ)

Meet up by #OKFest infodesk 19.30 if u're joining #OpenDev dinner. Take bus 68 or 71 to railway station. There's one at 19.37 and one at 19.43. 

Other info can be found in the e-mail below that I sent the other day - Come early if you want to get one of the 36 pre-booked seats! There will most likely be room for all 51(!) of you though - if not for food - grab something to eat somewhere else and join us there afterwards! :)

(I'm cc:ing this e-mail to some people that might not be on okfest-opendev mailing list as well, that have signed up in the Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgHdJH4F0eOedEJlWXJFUDdGbm13WTJjOW9wYjgyM0E#gid=0 If you want to join the mailing list - do that on http://lists.okfn.org/mailman/listinfo/okfest-opendev 

Sooo looking forward to a fun night! Check out the tractors you'll see there: http://i-am-cc.org/instagram/pernillanilla/51281

Warm regards, 


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Ämne: [OKFest-OpenDev] Evening dinners for Open Dev streamers

Dear friends,

We now have a mailing list with more than 60 OKFestival participants that we believe will be taking part in the Open Development stream!! I'm really looking forward to meeting all of you! You can check out the #OpenDev program on http://okfestival.org/open-development/  but the stream is not only about sessions and hackathons - it's also about socializing! :)

You're all welcome to join these two evening dinners:

Monday evening at 19.00 (tonight!) we have reserved tables for 30 people at Restaurant Iguana on Mannerheimintie 12: http://www.iguana.fi/en_kellari.html
Our tables are in the basement of the restaurant so ask the waiters to show you the way down there if you don't find it!
We have a list of who's planning to come on http://is.gd/6JVZvq but we think there will be enough space for everyone who would like to come.

Wednesday evening dinner at 20.00 at Restaurant Zetor on Mannerheimintie 3-5 is our big #OpenDev meetup! We have reserved tables for 36 people and 36 people have already signed up on http://is.gd/GYKqkf !! We suspect that there are still people that would like to come so Mika and I went to the restaurant today, and there are quite a few seats in the bar (perhaps another 36?) but there you won't get table service but will have to order your food in the bar. Anyhow, it is the same menu and prices at both areas though.

So what we will do is to have a "first come first served" policy for the 36 seats on the reserved tables who are located in a room in to the left behind the bar. The rest will (hopefully) get somewhere to sit out in the cool bar. We’ll have lots of company as there is be another  130 people who have booked the rest of the restaurant. So it won’t be necessarily ‘fast food’ but there is a lot to discuss, so we’ll manage well!  Don't come too hungry though! ;)

It turned out you don't have to decide in advance what you want to eat. You order from the waiter (if you're one of the first 36) or in the bar side.
Unfortunately, we don't have any budget left for sponsoring people's dinner so you will all have to pay for yourselves. Unless anyone of you feel like sponsoring at least the dinners for our 16 travel bursary guests! ;)

Oh! Another thing: There's a 2.7€ entrance fee to get in to the restaurant / bar. Hopefully ok for everyone!

Speaking of food… I have bought 60 lunch vouchers in advance that you can buy from me for 8 € if you want. If you want to eat lunch at the OKFest venue, it will be really good to have lunch vouchers - it means you will be in a shorter queue… The price is the same as if you buy it directly there.

You can find different options for the rest of the evenings on http://okfestival.okfnpad.org/evening-programme

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Warm regards,


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