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Digital Media Winter Institute 2019 | iNova Media Lab

Workshop: Interpreting Cross-Platform Digital Networks

4 - 7 February 2019 I 10:00 – 13:00.

Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

Lisbon, Portugal

We are pleased to announce that it is now open the call for applications to
the workshop “Interpreting Cross-Platform Digital Networks”.

The workshop is part of the activities offered by the Digital Media Winter
Institute <http://inovamedialab.org/winter-institute-2019/>; an annual
event organised by iNOVA Media Lab, Universidade de Lisboa.

**Workshop: Interpreting Cross-Platform Digital Networks

Digital networks offer ways of understanding social and cultural phenomena
and network analysis have become a common approach in several fields of
research, facilitated by a large list of open source data extraction tools.
Whenever we click, see, rate, like, post, download or comment, our digital
actions became traceable and ready to be interpreted as nodes and edges in
a network. For instance the analysis of retweet chain, hashtags, images or
pages in the shape of a network. How can digital networks be read across
different platforms? Rather than relying on the use of statistics, this
course proposes to approach cross-platform digital networks by looking at
the platforms’ vernacular, the relational nature of digital data in tandem
with the medium (Rogers, 2013),  and the affordances of spacialization
algorithms (Venturini et al. 2015; 2017) – namely Force Atlas 2 in Gephi.
Addressing this matter, the course will present some guidelines for
interpreting cross-platform digital networks by introducing the technique
of visual network exploration and conducting practical exercises in network
data extraction and analysis.

**Skills required

Participants are encouraged to prepare for the workshop by making
themselves acquainted with the principles of networks analysis and the
basics of the desktop application Gephi. It is important to stress that the
workshop will focus on exploratory data analysis in Gephi, not on
encompassing the process of how to use the software itself. Sample datasets
will be provided for the participants, but they are also encouraged to
bring their own dataset (originated from different web platforms).

Deadline for applications: 20 January 2019.

For further information, please access the link

On behalf of the co-organizers, Janna Joceli Omena, Elsa Caetano and Ana
Marta Flores.

Best regards,

Cristian Ruiz
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