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Fri Oct 18 23:46:14 UTC 2013

Hi all,
You can find a summary of the recent #BudgetAus twitterchat on budget transparency & travel rorts at http://infoaus.net/wp/budgetaus-twitterchat/ 
It was good to have Margo Kingston along for her first ever twitter chat. given her interest in improving accountability.
In the wake of strong public interest in the issue of politicians entitlements I have set up an action group to gather people interested in this issue titled the Citizens Against Rorting of Entitlements (CARE) http://infoaus.net/forum/discussion/3/welcome-to-the-infoaus-discussion-forum#Item_1
The InfoAus forum (set up yesterday) is also for discussion of other issues relating to budget transparency. Find out more at the site. http://infoaus.net/forum

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