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Simon Cropper simoncropper at fossworkflowguides.com
Sat Jun 21 14:35:21 UTC 2014

Hello Everyone,

Sorry if you are on both lists and receive this post twice.

As mentioned in my introduction last week I have created a repository 
focused on the analysis of food data with the objective of using the 
data as fodder for a range of community data wrangling projects and events.

You can find it on GitHub here...

I am currently compiling the initial datasets and supporting documentation.

Anyone interested in helping at this initial stage are welcome to 
connect via my newly created forum...

It is hoped to use this forum to coordinate activities among members as 
various tasks are attempted. Register on the forum to become a member. 
The user help is reasonably good with MyBB so you should not have too 
many problems. If you do contact me privately.

If anyone in the School of Data would like to promote the startup, I 
would be happy to correspond via email, if you need more than is 
currently available on *GitHub* or the *Community Data Wrangling Forum*.

As stated, this is a work in progress and more information will be 
posted via the forum about various tasks, projects and events. Specific 
projects and events will be announced on these two lists.

Cheers Simon

    Simon Cropper - Open Content Creator

    Free and Open Source Software Workflow Guides
    GIS Packageshttp://www.fossworkflowguides.com/gis
    bash / Pythonhttp://www.fossworkflowguides.com/scripting   

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