[@OKFNau] Best place for mashups?

Lachlan Musicman datakid at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 00:56:23 UTC 2014

My answer to the first is dependent:

 - if it's inconsequential or a personal technical investigation (eg:
how do I install and use X), keep it personal
 - if it's novel/of broad general interest but non-extensible (eg:
melbourne hipster map), singular website
 - if it's extensible (the boondoggle map: source of political
donations by party by electorate VS big money projects and immediate
stakeholders by electorate), github for code with added specific
("Victoria" or "Australia") website

To the second, it is also dependent:

 - Access: always
 - Speed: depends on the project and the audience.
 - ownership/stewardship - depends on levels of activity needed in
project and required to administer. I would always presume an open
platform (FLOSS, CC) and would prefer open data too.


On 19 June 2014 14:52, Simon Cropper
<simoncropper at fossworkflowguides.com> wrote:
> In the mind of the current participants in OKFN-AU, what is the best
> location for mashups?
>  > Personal web-repositories?
>  > GitHub?
>  > Somewhere else?
> What is the main considerations by participants when deciding what 'best'
> means.
>  > Access?
>  > Speed?
>  > Central Repository managed by group http://www.okfn.org?
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The idea is that a beautiful image is frameable. Everything you need
to see is there: It’s everything you want, and it’s very pleasing
because there’s no extra information that you don’t get to see.
Everything’s in a nice package for you. But sublime art is
unframeable: It’s an image or idea that implies that there’s a bigger
image or idea that you can’t see: You’re only getting to look at a
fraction of it, and in that way it’s both beautiful and scary, because
it’s reminding you that there’s more that you don’t have access to.
It’s now sort of left the piece itself and it’s become your own
invention, so it’s personal as well as being scary as well as being
beautiful, which is what I really like about art like that.
Adventure Time http://theholenearthecenteroftheworld.com/

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