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Thanks for sharing Rosie; I hadn't seen this. One of the things Steven and I talked about off-list is how I'd love to see current Open Knowledge campaigns reflected on the agenda within Australia:

you're doing awesome work in this space Rosie - I appreciate it.

(reminder - I think you'd be a great Shuttleworth fellow!
https://www.shuttleworthfoundation.org/applications/ )

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Kellie Tranter has a piece in On Line Opinion today about Australia's participation in the Open Government Partnership.


I'm happy to see people writing about open government and transparency although I disagree with Ms Tranter that the government is not opening data relevant to government spending. Since I've been working with open data, the government has made significant inroads into opening spending information and improving the way financial information is published by government.

In fact, the Audit Commission Report made specific mention of the desire to improve accountability and transparency around spending information, including program evaluation.

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