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Fri Mar 27 04:27:08 UTC 2015

On Fri, Mar 27, 2015 at 1:41 PM, Rosie Williams <budgetaus at hotmail.com>

> I do hope that organisers of open data/knowledge related events provide
> transcripts/audio archive for the purposes of sharing the knowledge-
> otherwise it isn't very 'open'!

Hi Rosie,
  IMHO this is a bit of a cheap shot that we hear from time to time. "Open"
is an ideal that most of us strive for, but as we all know, there's a lot
of work to make that happen. Speaking from my own experience, it's a lot
more effort to publicly publish a talk than to simply give the talk.

The work includes:
- verifying licenses or permissions for every image used. (Much more
important on the web than for a few seconds in a room of a few dozen).
- improving the slides so they make sense and don't offend, outside the
original context
- recording the audio (personally I find giving talks can be quite
stressful, and having to faff around with a recording adds to the stress)
- editing the audio
- synchronising it with the slides and exporting to a movie format
- uploading it somewhere
- publicising it, probably with a good synopsis
- maybe adding a complete transcript

It can easily amount to several times more work than preparing and
delivering the original talk. If I felt like I had to go through all of
that every time I gave a talk, I probably wouldn't give very many - and I'm
sure that goes for others.

So let's go easy on criticising members of the open community if we fail to
communicate everything we do to the greatest possible extent. Encouragement
and support are always welcome of course.

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