[okfn-be] First meeting: wrapping up

Bart Van Loon bart at zeropoint.it
Sun Nov 27 15:08:00 UTC 2011

It was Sun Nov 27 at 01:31AM when Pieter Colpaert wrote:
>     * OpenBelgium.be is a great domain name that we have to cherish.
>     There are a lot of things we can do with it: a show-case of
>     applications and visualisations, a developer community site, a
>     site where you can get information on how to get your Belgian
>     organisation on the open knowledge train, an activism site for
>     demanders of asylum, and so forth.  Any thoughts here?

Wouldn't it be nice to convince Toon Vanagt to join us? He owns data.be
and has recently begun with openbiz.be.

We have contacted him already, but initiaal yhe wasn't very inclined to

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