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Segunda Outubro 31 17:12:40 UTC 2011

Hi, Gravem!

Em 30/10/2011 23:56, "gravem em gmail.com" <gravem em gmail.com> escreveu:

> I think this is a good set of goals to focus on. Actualy I think #5 is
imperative for acomplishing #1 and we should care for not setting it aside
for being more long term. Even it's short term underdeveloped achievements
can be very eficcient on engaging civil society.

I am glad to listen that! I was a bit afraid I was dreaming too high for
the short term, but thinking better, you are right.

Yesterday, in a discussion with Friedrich Lindenberg, from OKFn Germany,
and Amanda Rossi, a Brazilian journalist interested in datajournalism based
in São Paulo, we were informed about Spending Stories OKFn project <
http://blog.okfn.org/category/okf-projects/spending-stories/> and I believe
it matches well with a "Where does my money go" for the São Paulo city
budget (around R$ 35 billon per year!), wich I added as the second project
I think important to OKFn BR. I've been participating of monthly meetings
about São Paulo budget and, for sure, it can be explored by some local
journalist together with a visualization of this data - well, the idea can
be extended to any other city budget. :)

> I also think you should aim at our local governments as much as federal
and even state governments. I think it's also more appealing when trying to
engage civil society.

I agree! For this reason, as I said above, I am really interested to see
where does the money from São Paulo budget city go. ; )

> I am new in the OpenData community, where should i look for people in my
state (RS) or city (Porto Alegre) to start developing the relevant
projects? I am a developer and I know a journalism student interested in
data journalism that want to be involved also.

An idea. During the first National Open Data meeting last week in Brasília,
Luís Fernando Linch, from the Secretary for Secutiry of Rio Grande do Sul
state, told us about interesting security data where women denounce
violence by their partner wich could be used to prevent murderers - that is
really shocking and I hope someone can work on it as soon as possible! We
could try to start a project with this journalism student. What do you
think? Luís Fernando said he could send me the data.


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