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2016-06-20 12:30 GMT-03:00 Heloisa Pait <heloisa em ok.org.br>:

> Para mim a prioridade é saber em que pé está, concretamente, o Gastos
> Abertos.

Concepção inicial do projeto:

Alguns dos relatórios iniciais repetidas vezes enviados:

- Hitórico resumido (dezembro 2014 a abril 2015):
- Relatório (abril 2015):

- Organização do que havia sido feito num documento enxuto:

Os novos relatórios:

- Relatório enviado para o financiador (março 2016):

Respostas a alguns questionamentos do último relatório.

On Fri, Apr 8, 2016 at 3:10 PM, Edward Y. Wang <ewang em tides.org>wrote:

> Thank you again for following up on this. I’ve touched base with my
> colleague Tanya Pham and had a moment to review your reports. The next step
> would be for me to forward the reports to the Google team and recommend
> release of your next grant payment. HOWEVER, before I can do that, I have a
> few questions regarding your reports.
> 1.       Can you elaborate on why you changed your strategy, to shift
> your effort and spread the work to other Brazilian cities? Is it because
> you’ve exhausted all access to data in Sao Paulo, or are you trying to get
> better data representation by replicating the work in other cities?

We had been working mostly with São Paulo city data. After working with
this data (spending stories <http://gastosabertos.org/historias/>, courses <
http://gastosabertos.org/blog/tags/escola_de_dados/>, APIs <
http://api.gastosabertos.org>  and data scrapping and analysis), we
realised it's not sustainable to keep this work of *searching* all data for
two main reasons: 1. the costs to analyse and work with the actual data is
higher than we expected and  2. some of the data used on our spending
stories took longer to have an answer from the public bodies through our
access to information law.

Mainly for these reasons, we are moving forward to a strategy of building
key partnerships to bring data to our platform (CKAN for budget data and
automatic API), and our guides, build upon our previous experience, will
provide means for these local brigades to work on budget and spending data
doing tasks similar to what we have done so far.

Regarding the partnership, in October we'll have local elections, so we
will reach several mayor candidates around the country to sign a commitment
letter to use our budget data platform sending us this data. For that, we
are working with the NGO Rede Nossa São Paulo <
http://www.nossasaopaulo.org.br/>, that has a huge experience in doing this
kind of work.

> 2.       Was there any delay in meeting your objectives for Year 1? If
> so, why? I ask because your report was due in September 2015 and was
> submitted in March 2016.
Yes, there were some delay on our deliverables and the main reasons were:
1. it took more time that we expected to analyse the data and build our
products (API, searching platform for contracts, data visualizations) and
2. as we have predicted for the project risks, it took longer than expected
to have access to some data of our spending stories, even our journalist
and team using our (recent in Brazil) access to information law.

As for the report, I was reporting all our progress and challenges of the
project mothly to the consulting firm Google hired to support and follow
our work (they had direct contact with Google.org), so I believed
everything regarding this was fine. I tried to find this initial letter
Tanya sent me with this award letter, templates and dates for the report,
but I didn't find it. This award letter was actually one thing I've asked
in 2014 for the bank to accept the wire transfer of the first isntalment,
but I've never received, hence taking 2 more months for we begin to spend
the grant (it actually started in November 2014).

Since last November I've also asked to googlers in touch of us the the
consulting firm support who should I talk to about the second instalment,
but I never got an answer, until Tanya's e-mail here.

Everton Zanella Alvarenga
Open Knowledge Brasil
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