[okfn-cz] Share your real open data stories and tell us what they mean!

Ton Zijlstra ton.zijlstra at gmail.com
Wed May 2 13:05:28 UTC 2012

Hi all,
The ePSIplatform team is interested in your real-life experiences
concerning the re-use of government data. That is why I am looking for your
stories, anecdotes and observations: what has been your most notable open
data experience in the past few weeks?

Whether it is something you would like to share about your work with a
public sector body, or getting access to data, or something that has to do
with apps building, starting a company, policy making or anything else
connected to open government data: we really want to hear your experiences.
And the more specific they are, the better. ("Last week I spoke to a civil
servant…." "While trying to find a data set…." "This app….." "At this
recent hackday…." "I wanted to … but …" "In our government body we are
doing ….")

This is not a one time survey, you can share as many of your experiences as
you like, whenever you want to share them. The form to share your stories
will remain on-line. Share your open data experiences at

First you will be asked to write down your experience. Then you will get a
number of questions about that experience.

>From the collected stories we will be able to spot patterns in behavior by
governments, data users etc, to spot possible new barriers or
opportunities, and have a way to show how policies are working in practice
across Europe.

You can share your experiences in your native language. No personal
information will be asked. The experiences you share will not be published
ever, unless you give your permission to do so. We will be publishing about
what the collected stories in aggregate tell us.

I am looking forward to hearing your open data experiences!

Ton Zijlstra
ePSIplatform Community Steward

Interdependent Thoughts
Ton Zijlstra

ton at tonzijlstra.eu


*Share your real life open data experiences,*
*observations and anecdotes:*
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