[okfn-discuss] CKAN questions

Francis Irving francis at flourish.org
Mon Dec 17 10:42:17 UTC 2007

Just found a new data set (pharmaceuticals prices for international
development), and thought I'd add it to CKAN.

(you can search with all wildcards to get all the data, although it is
a huge page)

The problem is I don't know the license. The WHO site isn't very
helpful, to the extent of not even having a contact form.

Now, clearly this is still a useful dataset. It would seem a shame
not to add it to CKAN just because it has no clear license. Because
most good data won't have such a license in our current data licensing

Do I just add it as "Non-OKD Compliant: Other" on CKAN? And try and
contact them to complain about the lack of a license / public domain

What do we do in a world without the culture of good licensing?  Both
to make that culture, and to deal with it meanwhile.


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