[okfn-discuss] Re: Paula Ledieu for the open media panel

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Fri Jan 5 15:35:09 UTC 2007

adnan hadzi wrote:
> great, thanks for that.
> emailed out two more invitations to fleur from docagora & zoe from 
> transmission (meta data standarts). andrea (http://liquidculture.cc & 
> http://deptford.tv) will moderate the open media panel.
> 3x 20 min. presentations by:
> - http://creativearchive.org (paula le dieu) - confirmed

I note that Paula is no longer with the BBC but at Magic Lantern and is 
therefore no longer directly involved with the Creative Archive.

> - http://www.transmission.cc/node/81 (zoe) - awaiting confirmation
> - http://www.idfa.nl/educ_en_content.asp?pageid=570 (fleur knopperts) - 
> awaiting confirmation

Sounds great. One thing to mention to speakers is that is good, where 
possible, to incorporate into the presentation a good amount of 
information on 'concrete' stuff be it a running website, piece of 
software or a project. So, for example, if you are talking about a 
metadata standard it would be nice to show a little demo of how this 
work and what it would enable.

> other speakers who might be interesting for the open space sessions are:
> - http://www.kendra.org.uk (daniel haris)
> - http://www.espians.com (tav)
> - http://www.copycan.org (joerg bach)

Great. I assume you're happy to mail them to ensure they know about the 



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