[okfn-discuss] okfn stickers

Jonathan jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Wed Jul 18 19:32:47 UTC 2007

> http://okfn.org/wiki/OkfnStickers
> What do people think?

I think they look great!

I agree with Rufus that they could be a little bigger, but don't think
they necessarily need a URL. If people get them from an OKFN event, they
are likely to know where the OKF lives - or at least how to find it.

Also perhaps they could be to promote the idea of 'Open Knowledge' as a
standard (i.e. in relation to the OKD), more than the OKF as an
organisation. From this point of view it might be good if they matched the
original OK buttons as closely as possible.

I quite like the blockiness of the 'O' as it matches the font face and
looks as if it could be a bird's eye view of an open box (with a little
'k' inside). Blocks are good.

What about tinkering with the colours?


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