[okfn-discuss] Modding CC-licenses for data

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Fri Jun 22 08:36:06 UTC 2007

Work has been progressing on the 'Guide to Open Data Licensing':


It is now nearly in good enough draft form for public release. One last 
thing I'd like to check with the list about is the current proposal for 
how to actually license your data. Currently we suggest either modifying 
creative commons or using a dedicated data license (such as the Talis 
license -- though that is draft form). Specifically, re. the CC option 
we say:

One approach that could be taken is to use a CC license but 'mod' it 
slightly, for example by adding this statement at the point that you 
state the work is available under a CC license:

     * "The license granted in relation to the 'Work' should be read 
broadly to relate not only copyright but all other IP rights present in 
this dataset including, for example, any Database rights."

What do people think of this? Also should we have advice on waiving 
rights (e.g. by 'dedicating' to the public domain) for people who simply 
want to make their work available without any restrictions?


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