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Jonathan Gray jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Mon Apr 6 15:47:56 UTC 2009

Simon Grice told me about this a few weeks ago. Looks interesting!
(Though £75/£150 may be a tad steep for some.)


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Inspired by a number of the discussions that occurred during GovWeb09,
a few of us thought it would be nice to have an event focused on the
engagement/consultation part of the debate.  In particular, we wanted
to create a forum in which policy-makers felt comfortable to attend.
After much discussion, the result was OpenGov, to be held in London on
April 22nd.

Needless to say, we'd be honored to have GovWebbers attend and
participate.  To that end, we've created "Friends of OpenGov"
discounted registration links, found below.  What we could really use
help on, though, is spreading the word to relevant policy-makers and
civil servants who have not yet been active in this area, but whom
might be showing some interest.  If you know of anyone fitting that
description or who otherwise might be interested, please do pass this
information along, or let me know (at mitch at polywonk.com) and we can
send them a direct invitation.


OpenGov is a a one-day conference (morning to mid-afternoon) to
explore the challenges and opportunities of applying social
technologies for engagement and collaboration in policy development
and delivery. Details can be found at www.opengovevent.com.

The bulk of the programme will be devoted to a few panels discussing
the implications of social technologies on the following themes:
               • constituent engagement and participation
               • collaboration throughout the policy lifecycle
               • mobilisation and delivery

We will discuss practical strategies and approaches, and highlight
examples of OpenGov occurring in the UK and around the globe.

   * Policy-makers
   * Special Advisors
   * Ministers & Agency Executives
   * Local Authority Executives
   * Communications and Engagement

Due to the level of interest, we have managed to expand our space for
the event and release another set of tickets.  We have also created a
discount for "Friends of OpenGov", which you can get by using one of
these links:

       Corporates / Government -
       Start-ups / Sole traders -

In the event that you'd care to mention the event in a blog or tweet
to others (which we obviously would appreciate), feel free to pass
along the above links as you see fit.  If you need any other
information, feel free to contact mitch at polywonk.com.
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