[okfn-discuss] German Open Government Data Study in CC, should we do an English translation?

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Fri Jun 7 11:20:39 UTC 2013

Dear Augusto,

with all the respect for Prof von Lucke and Fraunhofer FOKUS, particular the chapter about Open Government Data Licenses is not a very good piece of work. In fact is promotes a strategy for the German government for licensing that has be strongly criticised by the local open data community. The result is a license [1] that is not compliant with the open definition. So I wonder why we should translate it. There are much better work on the subject out there.


1. http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/od-discuss/2013-March/000383.html

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On 6 Jun 2013, at 15:08, Augusto Herrmann <augusto.herrmann at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear OKFn colleagues,
> recently we of the Brazilian open government data team have been in contact with Prof. Dr. Joern von Lucke, a researcher from the Zeppelin University and Fraunhofer Institute, who introduced us to a study the German government comissioned to the Fraunhofer Institute about Open Government Data [1][2]. The study is 500+ pages long, and of course is written in German language (even though there is a summary available in English).
> Looking into this study, we found out that a particular chapter about Open Government Data Licenses would be quite useful, as we have scheduled to make a decision about which license to use for open data at the federal level of government in Brazil (besides, this is a commitment taken on our Action Plan on the Open Government Partnership). However, we found our knowledge of the German language to be sorely lacking for us to make use of this information. So we got around this by researching some of this information ourselves directly from the sources, and don't exactly need it anymore. Our findings so far (in Portuguese), are in our wiki [3].
> However, the good news is that Dr. von Lucke got in contact with the German Federal Ministry of Interior, who in turn said the study is in a CC license and support the idea of making an English translation of the study, as long as it's clearly stated that it's not an official translation. Do you people think it would be useful to translate this to English collaboratively, as an additional source of information for, e.g., schoolofdata.org [4] regarding the legal interoperability of data or even updating the list of open licenses on opendefinition.org [5]? Would anyone be willing to participate in such a translation?
> I don't think it's nice for someone to suggest an idea and not even participate. So, even if I don't know German, of course I would review the English translated text. What do you people think?
> Best regards,
> Augusto Herrmann
> [1] http://www.bmi.bund.de/DE/Nachrichten/Dossiers/OpenData/opendata_node.html
> [2] http://www.bmi.bund.de/SharedDocs/Downloads/DE/Themen/OED_Verwaltung/ModerneVerwaltung/opengovernment.pdf;jsessionid=1E610723D01195D670CC8399BECBA4A3.2_cid295?__blob=publicationFile
> [3] http://wiki.gtinda.ibge.gov.br/Produto-GT1-Levantamento-Juridico-Licenciamento-Dados-Abertos.ashx
> [4] http://schoolofdata.org/handbook/
> [5] http://opendefinition.org/licenses/
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