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Laura James laura.james at okfn.org
Thu Apr 17 13:40:51 UTC 2014


We really appreciate all the feedback we’ve received - via email, lists,
the Community Session, Twitter and IRC!  There will be another Community
Session <http://doodle.com/3yfpanwuew8k57fm> soon for those who couldn’t
attend the first one.

As it’s clear that this is a major point of discussion, I want to emphasise
that the new brand is not intended to indicate a change of identity or
goals.  It tries to better explain who we already are and what we already
do, especially to new audiences and folks not in the open movement today.

It sounds like the tagline is most contentious, so we’d like to open that
up for discussion. We’d like to hear your ideas for a short and clear
engaging slogan for new audiences, which represents all our activities and
groups well too.  There’s a wiki page where we can share ideas for new
reflections, and we’d love the debate to continue on OKFN-discuss.

We’ll also be talking with Local Groups and Working Groups to set up a
small group who will coordinate how the groups use and adapt the brand
materials, and assist in prioritising various materials and guidelines, so
we can offer the support which is most needed.  The brand is available for
use by the groups, we hope that it will be useful in communicating to new
audiences, but it's a choice for each group when and how they use the
various brand elements. There’s already some great ideas for variants of
the tagline for working groups, for example. Check the wiki for the latest
info, and do ask if you have questions or concerns!

The website is very much a first version and we’ll be updating it to fix
bugs and make it better in the coming weeks.

Do check out the wiki
<http://wiki.okfn.org/About_the_Open_Knowledge_brand>which has info on
the background
to the brand, how it was
and more - it’s got answers to a lot of questions.

Best regards,

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