[OKFN-EN] Fw: I.T Aid Third Sector

Claudio Vidini claudio at netsolutionswales.co.uk
Mon Oct 14 17:18:59 UTC 2013

Dear All,

To address your concerns :

Net Solutions Wales Ltd status was closed with
Companies House but retained the Sole Traders
Status in the UK.

As such we are still governed by UK B2B Standards.

Each time the OKFN mail goes out we assist more
Groups so why wouldn't we continue to assist. As
the information states the funding is available
until at least April next year.

For Paula Graham, I would be very interested in
details of Groups you say feel our offer of
assistance is "dodgy". I have many many
successfully Awarded Groups who'm I can pass as
reference. Perhaps you'd like to do the same??
I've never understood this type of malice in
halting support for other Groups. Your of course
welcome to submit your own application and can
perhaps speak some truths..

The 60 Day assessment period means we are actively
promoting the funds prior the end of the year and
will continue to do so as long as

A) Funds Are available
b) New Groups are responding to the offer of

For all other OKFN members Im more thn happy to
clarify any of the information provided and wish
you all the best with your funding support.

Best Regards,

Claudio Vidini (BSc)

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