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Claudio Vidini claudio at netsolutionswales.co.uk
Mon Oct 14 21:46:00 UTC 2013

Dear Mr Paul Raven,

I can provide details of recently Awarded Groups 
upon request as per my previous response.

I'm sure you appreciate I must seek permission 
from the successful  Groups prior and will
respond by CC on a direct email to the Group.

It seems that I was not clear in my previous 
explanation. Net Solutions Wales Ltd status only
in the UK has ceased. As you may have seen the 
likes of Google and Starbucks initiating off-shore
structures, this by no means limits our liability 
or Commercial responsibility in the UK.

We have a number of funding streams from the EU. 
Each Groups Eligibility governs a suitable stream
and is measured directly with the applying Groups.

We are Consultants and only request that upon 
successful we are considered to supply.

I formed the Company ten years ago delivering 
Websites to the Manufacturing Sector.

I'm not sure what your continued belief that Net 
Solutions Wales is delivering Spam via OKFN is 

Perhaps a moderator can pickup our communications 
and I will clarify any parts of the discussion.

I have a vested interest in Serving the Third 
Sector but somehow do not feel this is 
As previously addressed, I am only to happy to 
consider your requirements. I note your on 
with no information on the Group you represent, 
position or Company details.

Email of this nature may be perceived as a 
competitor attempting to secure funding for their 
own Consultancies.

Please feel free to contact me for a list of 
Groups that are in receipt of funding.

Your questions are by no means un-pleasant, I'm 
just unsure of what exactly your seeking?

My direct email is claudio at netsolutionswales.co.uk 
and we are here to help.

I'm happy to answer direct questions on fact 
rather than your possible "Opinions" which
at present hold nill diligence.

Summary: Corporate Structure Certificates, 
Successful References, Trading history...

Best Regards,

Claudio Vidini (BSc)

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From: Paul Graham Raven
Date: 14 October 2013 21:31
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I don't know about anyone else, but i'd be 
interested to know on whose behalf you are 
disbursing these grants; your website is notably 
devoid of any mention of the funding source(s), 
which is not exactly conducive to instant trust... 
especially as sole-traderships are, as far as i 
know, not usually put in the position of 
disbursing grants.

And given you're IT experts, you're probably aware 
that one's web presence is highly formative when 
it comes to first impressions, just like one's 
email style; instead of getting angry at folk 
doing a bit of due diligence and finding you 
lacking, maybe you should address your corporate 
image as a priority? A number of the clients in 
your portfolio have evidently done exactly that 
since taking delivery of the sites in the 

Shorter version: welcome to the internet. Don't 
spam people, it tends to make them ask unpleasant 


-- from the tablet-factor device of Paul Graham 
Raven: infrastructure researcher, 
contraPanglossian futurist, cultural critic, 
dishevelled mountebank. This automatically 
appended signature will self-destruct after 

On 14 Oct 2013 18:46, "Claudio Vidini" 
<claudio at netsolutionswales.co.uk> wrote:

Dear All,

To address your concerns :

Net Solutions Wales Ltd status was closed with
Companies House but retained the Sole Traders
Status in the UK.

As such we are still governed by UK B2B Standards.

Each time the OKFN mail goes out we assist more
Groups so why wouldn't we continue to assist. As
the information states the funding is available
until at least April next year.

For Paula Graham, I would be very interested in
details of Groups you say feel our offer of
assistance is "dodgy". I have many many
successfully Awarded Groups who'm I can pass as
reference. Perhaps you'd like to do the same??
I've never understood this type of malice in
halting support for other Groups. Your of course
welcome to submit your own application and can
perhaps speak some truths..

The 60 Day assessment period means we are actively
promoting the funds prior the end of the year and
will continue to do so as long as

A) Funds Are available
b) New Groups are responding to the offer of

For all other OKFN members Im more thn happy to
clarify any of the information provided and wish
you all the best with your funding support.

Best Regards,

Claudio Vidini (BSc)

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