[OKFN-EN] Open Data Day event in Oxford

Iain Emsley iainemsley at gmail.com
Sun Feb 2 20:27:36 UTC 2014


As part of the Open Data Day, the Oxford Open Science Group and  Oxford
e-Research Centre are running a hack at the OeRC.

The day starts at 9:30 to get together and work out what we'd like to work
on and then aim to wind up at 5pm. We will have lunch on the day courtesy
of a sponsor, White October, who ran the event a couple of years ago.
Although the event is free, we would like people to sign up so that we know
what data and skills we might have and a rough idea of the numbers.


Google registration form:

The centre is near the centre of Oxford so parking can be difficult. If you
would like to drive, I recommend the park and ride on the edge of Oxford
rather than trying to get parking in the city.



Iain Emsley
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