[OKFN-Greece] Budget Monitoring Documentary & OKFN trip to Greece - who to visit?

Lucy Chambers lucy.chambers at okfn.org
Mon Jun 18 13:15:54 UTC 2012

Hello Greece!

Apologies for posting in English. I'm a colleague of Kat Braybrooke's, my
name is Lucy Chambers and I work on the OpenSpending.org project (
http://openspending.org/) here at OKFN.

I'm currently working on a project to map out and compare how organisations
who monitor budget issues work in different countries - what tools and
techniques they use, and what the barriers are (More here:
I'm hoping to visit Greece and make a mini-documentary on the topic next

I'm wondering whether anyone on the list would be able to recommend any
people I should visit while I am there? I am looking in particular to get
in contact with:

- Budget Monitoring Organisations
- Issue Advocacy e.g. Gender budgeting / Youth budgeting
- Transparency (Process Advocacy) - people who campaign for information to
be released...
- Academic / Economists who do research using financial data
- Technology and Data Advocates
- Media / Journalists researching financial topics
- Parliamentarians - the individuals within governments responsible for
analysing and making policy based on these types of data.

If there are any organisations you can recommend me to get in contact with
- please do let me know!

I am also very keen to meet up with those of you who were at the last
meetup, it would be great to meet in person :)

Thankful for any help you can offer,


Lucy Chambers
Community Coordinator,
OpenSpending <http://openspending.org/> & Data
Open Knowledge Foundation <http://okfn.org/>
Skype: lucyfediachambers
Twitter: @lucyfedia <https://twitter.com/#!/lucyfedia>
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