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Dear Sir / Madam,

CSIR-NML project on 'The open access electronic document delivery system –
An initiative of CSIR-NML Jamshedpur' has been selected as one of the Best
project in the eWorld Jury Choice Award 2012 for 'Best Initiatives for
Electronic Delivery of Services (EDS) category”.

The award was given for the CSIR-NML's contribution in the development and
implementation of an open access system which will have a global access
and document delivery system for information seekers. CSIR-NML took the
lead and motivated the scientists and researchers to come forward with
their intellectual products / documents to upload for a digital format on
the Eprints platform created at NML. The benefit of this project is that
they enable free sharing of information, encouraging collaboration and the
widespread communication of institutional R&D projects and other
consultancy activity. Also, benefits to the weaker section of the society
specially students and researchers from worldwide.


A.K. Sahu

Technical Officer
IMD Centre, National Metallurgical Laboratory,
(CSIR) Jamshedpur-831007, India
Mobile: 9431171804/0657-2345110/2345115
Email: anjani1011 at rediffmail.com

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