[okfn-labs] Google Summer of Code -- Labs submission

Tom Rees zephod at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 12:14:08 UTC 2012

Lucy wants (by the end of today!) suggestions for Labs projects that an
intern could work on, with a couple of us mentoring. Etherpad here:


OpenSpending have suggested:

   - Mobile front-end application

   - SMS query gateway

   - Visualizations of very large, low-dimensional datasets

   - Crowdsourced mapping of taxnomies for spending classification (?)

   - Running JavaScript/V8 data mining scripts in the background

   - An open source tool for extracting tables from PDFs (pdftoxml with

There's real potential for a candidate to work on a tractable, shiny
product under the banner of OKFN Labs. What about some visualisation work?
Do we have any fresh data which could be turned into something like
Europe's Energy or YourTopia? In turn, do those seemingly-complete projects
have any extensions we could propose? Does Annotator have a feature
wishlist we could mine?

- Tom
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