[okfn-labs] Open Knowledge Labs Hangout 2015 #1

Oleg Lavrovsky [Opendata.ch] oleg at opendata.ch
Fri Apr 10 05:01:01 UTC 2015

Fellow knowledge openers,

After some delay (it's a busy spring..), we are holding the next Labs
Hangout on *Thursday, April 16* at* 1700-1800 BST* - check your time zone

The call is an informal opportunity to present ideas and projects you're
working on - and ask others to contribute if you need some help! If you
want to share something, feel free to add to the agenda on Etherpad

If you are planning to join, it would also be great if you could add your
name and contacts on the Etherpad so we can send you a reminder just before
we start. More details are at the top of the pad, and in the JSON attached.
So update your calendars and sign up now:

On behalf of okfnlabs.org, looking forward to see & hear you next Thursday!


*Opendata.ch* - Swiss Chapter of Open Knowledge <http://okfn.org/>
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