[OKFN-NL] hibernated or death?

Sebastiaan ter Burg sebastiaan at ter-burg.nl
Fri Jan 20 11:31:19 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

hibernation sounds like a good description. One of the challenges has
always been to position OKFN-NL because there are already so many other
organisations and individuals active. We recently had a meeting of "Open
Ambassadors", this meeting was organised by Kennisland (photos:

Egon, is there anything specific you are looking for (input for the
proposal, contact information of people to exchange ideas with, etc.).
Rense, are you in any way involved in the Open Spending Detaildata project
of the Open State Foundation?



Sebastiaan ter Burg

+31 6 480 88 615
sebastiaan at ter-burg.nl

On Fri, Jan 20, 2017 at 10:08 AM, Posthumus, RA (Rense) (BZ/BBH) <
r.a.posthumus at minfin.nl> wrote:

> Hi Egon,
> I don't see much activity.
> A node can be in hibernation, but that doesn't mean that the work on open
> data also stops ;-)
> In my former role as projectleader for more openness on finance and
> budgets, I established an ambitious plan: within five years all the
> financial data from departments and agencies in the Netherland, that can be
> opened (within the boundaries of the laws) will be opened in a period of
> five years time.
> This work is now being carried out, results will be published in tranches
> the upcoming years.
> Rense
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> Onderwerp: [OKFN-NL] hibernated or death?
> Hi all,
> how is OKFN-NL doing? The Twitter channel is not used a lot anymore, the
> nl.okfn.org website redirects to okfn.nl, and I don't see NL listed in
> the national nodes at https://okfn.org/network/ ?
> I am asking, as the Dutch government is writing a national plan for Open
> Science (which it sees as any scholarly discipline, e.g.
> humanities)...
> Is the Dutch node/chapter just hibernated or is the state worse than that?
> Egon
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