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Adi Eyal adi at burgercom.co.za
Thu Mar 21 19:17:23 UTC 2013

I just came across the election database on http://www.elections.org.za.
They have some very impressive low-level stats - e.g. votes per party per
ward (and even per voting station although I'm not sure how to use that
without the appropriate geographies). I've uploaded the 2011 by-elections
data to
http://www.africaopendata.org/dataset/local-government-elections-2011 in
case the data ever disappears.

I created a quick graphic using this data showing battleground wards in the
Cape Town municipality (spoiler alert - it's really a two horse race and
the DA is winning by a mile). Here's the image in case anyone is
interested: http://bit.ly/WH1C0P

http:// <http://bit.ly/WH1C0P>

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Data Specialist
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