[okfn-za] Spatial data for schools

mtb at martinb.za.net mtb at martinb.za.net
Sat Feb 8 19:03:41 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Came across this today:


That page has a number of Excel files for the last few years with 
spatial data for schools, going back a few years.

Looking at a couple examples, it seems to be fairly comprehensive, with 
contact details, magisterial districts and so on.

I am confused by the presence of two different latitude and longitude 
entries. Some data clean-up will be needed, especially with the 
addresses and contact details, but maybe someone can use this for 
something cool. (The immediate idea was a page where one can either 
search for the schools and get the information or look at schools on a 
map and get the same information, but I am sure you can come up with 
something more interesting.)

They do talk about having both shapefiles and Excel files, but I am not 
sure where the shapefiles are. I will be having a look at what I can do 
with it over the weekend, if I can find the time. Maybe I can get 
something a bit more friendly, even if I just re-save it all to a .csv 
or something.

Does anyone have any guidelines over the use of this information? Can I 
(hypothetically) make a map or a web-app showing all the schools in the 

There is also some statistical data available at 
but it seems to be only in .pdf (urgh...).


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