[okfn-za] Space Apps Challenge in South Africa

Hein Bekker netbek at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 07:40:13 UTC 2016


As you might know, there's a global hackathon [1] in April using NASA
open data "with a goal to produce open-source solutions that can advance
space exploration missions and improve life on Earth." They have a handy
info sheet with all the details [2]. Last year there were events in
Pretoria, PE, and Durban (according to their site). Check out their site
for examples from last year [3]. To do this, one needs a venue that's
available overnight. Other requirements are in the info sheet.

Rough timeline by my estimation:
* End of January - might be prudent for lead organiser to sign up [4]
the host city on the site (I can't find a deadline)
* End of February/start of March - confirm venue
* March - possible Data Bootcamp (see info sheet p.9 for details)
* March ~21 - pre-event meet-up for participants to form teams and
brainstorm about challenges
* April 22-24 - event

I reckon it's a great opportunity for education and bringing together
the open, hardware, software, and science scenes. I'd like to see it
happen, and I can provide moral support, but I can't lead this mission
in the next few months.

Let's organise and make it so! Especially in Cape Town. Slaapstad,
shem ;-)

[1] https://2015.spaceappschallenge.org
[2] https://speakerdeck.com/nasa/space-apps-event-planning-kit
[3] https://2015.spaceappschallenge.org/project
[4] https://2015.spaceappschallenge.org/2016-registration



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