[open-bibliography] URNs for National Bib Numbers

Ben O'Steen bosteen at gmail.com
Wed Dec 8 20:40:55 UTC 2010

Further guidance from Ross (who I hope doesn't mind me relaying things
here :))

Year isn't necessary, the German guidance below doesn't use it:



might be given a URN of:



On Wed, 2010-12-08 at 20:28 +0000, Ben O'Steen wrote:
> http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3188
> Ross Singer just put this onto twitter a second ago and I think that
> this might be an acceptable way to generate URNs for the bibliographic
> data, specifically for the BNB data in my mind.
> Eg as far as my understanding of the rfc goes,
> http://bnb.bibliographica.org/entry/GBA267005 would have a URN of:
> urn:nbn:gb-uk2001008809279
> (using British Library id, originally "(Uk)008809279" and published year
> of 2001)
> URNs don't resolve so how we incorporate them or even if we incorporate
> them is up for discussion :)
> Including a triple of <http://bnb.bibliographica.org/entry/GBA267005>
> <owl:sameAs> <urn:nbn:gb-uk2001008809279> might be a way perhaps,
> replacing my ahem magicked open vocab term of 'blid' for the British
> Library ID.
> As to the end use, I'm not sure but this seems like it might sensible
> and would trade one triple for another.
> The con side to this is that it pushes a lot of meaning into the URI
> format, the structure of which tells you about the source, year, and so
> on without typing the property as being a british library id.
> Any Ideas?
> Ben

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