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* [2011-09-13 13:35:09 -0700] Karen Coyle <kcoyle at kcoyle.net> écrit:

> But we do need metadata for rights in order to do that. I did a rights  
> metadata schema for the University of California some years ago,  
> although it may be too complex (it was designed to also meet the needs  
> of archives). DC has a rights field that is very simple - it would be  
> good, though, to define a set of values. Does anyone know of a rights  
> vocabulary we could use?

There is some of this in the CC machine readable stuff, for describing
the nature of the licenses, the terms, who must be attributed when,
etc., sufficient that you could say that their standard licenses are
just different configurations of these primitives.

I haven't looked very closely at it, and this starts to get into
things like modelling legal documents, agreements, legislation,
contracts, etc. if you look at it too closely and then generalise.

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