[open-development] group brainstorm / web conference on web content tagging / taxonomy stuff?

Joe Pringle jpringle at forumone.com
Tue Aug 11 17:13:07 UTC 2009

Hi Everyone -

I wanted to propose a call or web conference about an aspect of this that
I've been trying to wrap my head around.  I've been trying to think of
ways that organizations that publish development knowledge to the web can
better tag that content and make it available in machine accessible ways.
In other words, in ways that other web sites and apps can easily
aggregate, mash up, organize, etc via extended RSS feeds, API's, etc.  I'm
mostly focused on reports, blog post, tools, resources, conversations,
events, etc. I was wondering whether there would be critical mass for a
phone discussion or web conf about this including looking at certain
things that are currently happening that seem relevant:







For my limited perspective, I'm just trying to understand the best way we
could move toward some sort of shared vocabulary / ontology around
development topics from which we could derive standards and easily
implementable approaches for XML / RSS feeds, API's, etc.  Hopefully this
makes sense, and if any of you have figured this out or there is already a
clear path forward on this I'd love to be educated.

Just throwing it out there.  If there's enough interest I'm happy to
organize.  Thanks!

Joe Pringle

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