[open-development] group brainstorm / web conference on web content tagging / taxonomy stuff?

Alex Coleman acoleman at dgfoundation.org
Wed Aug 12 18:56:56 UTC 2009

I will be able to set up a webex for the next meeting once I have the
email addresses of the participants.

I agree that IDML is a good start that needs some more work. Find attached
a brief on the latest efforts in this direction.

The OECD and DFID, amongst other institutions provide information in IDML
format to AIDA http://aida.developmentgateway.org/index.do. The schema and
other information are also available on this page.

Also, the IATI is working on standards for information sharing.

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Hi there,

I think there is or maybe was an attempt to do something similar.  (with
apologies if you already know this and are building on it)

http://xml.coverpages.org/dml.html is the only
The original page seems to have died, but Simon P you have been tracking
this no?

NB IDML needs lots of work, but it was a start, so either way building on
learning form what didn't work might be useful.

On 11/08/2009 21:16, "Jonathan Gray" <jonathan.gray at okfn.org> wrote:

> I'd definitely be interested in participating in this!
> Sören Auer, of DBpedia, is on our Advisory Board (and in carbon copy).
> Sören: do you know of any semantic web initiatives related to
> international development?
> In general we're very keen to continue to add resources related to
> international development to CKAN:
>   http://ckan.net/tag/read/development
> This currently supports user-generated tags, but we're also thinking
> of adding domain specific metadata, where this might be useful (e.g.
> bounding boxes for geodata..).

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