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Jonathan Gray jonathan.gray at okfn.org
Mon Jun 20 12:44:42 UTC 2011

This is fantastic Tim! :-)

As you say, it would be great to have some of this on CKAN - possibly
in time to launch at OKCon? What do you think?

Also might you be willing to write a sentence or two about this for
blog.okfn.org ahead of the conference so we can help spread the word
about your efforts?


2011/6/15 Tim Davies <tim at practicalparticipation.co.uk>:
> Hey all,
> As part of a paper I'm working on around linked data in international
> development I've been trying to find a way of getting a broad sense of what
> might be the scope of the 'international development open data' landscape.
> A lot of the discussions around development data focus on aid data, or a
> limited number of larger datasets, but from the perspective of agencies both
> at grassroots and international levels working in development, a whole host
> of different datasets may be relevant - and useful to have open access to.
> So to help with that scoping I asked two researchers to put together a list
> of as many datasets as they could that fell within broadly defined areas of
> development.
> I'm using this list of datasets to help in my own research making sense of
> what open data in development might be (initial reflections in a blog post
> here: http://www.practicalparticipation.co.uk/odi/2011/05/mapping-open-development-data-a-draft-method-micro-study/)
> but I thought the spreadsheet might be of use to others.
> It's up as a Google Doc
> here: https://spreadsheets0.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?hl=en_GB&key=ttbyUjSvdZvpSJC3nlh_rfw&hl=en_GB#gid=0
> I've not made this version editable - as I'm more at the analysis stage
> rather than crowdsourcing more ideas (and of course, crowdsourced lists of
> data should probably end up on CKAN), but if you do want to take a copy to
> edit and adapt please do feel free.
> Look forward to hopefully meeting a number of you on this list in person at
> OKCon in a few weeks. There has been some suggestion we should try and
> organise a lunchtime gathering of open-development folk there to share some
> of the different projects underway and possible future projects...
> All the best
> Tim
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