[open-development] DEBATE: Women's land rights and open data: land coalition debate...

Tim Davies tim at practicalparticipation.co.uk
Wed Feb 6 16:26:52 GMT 2013

Hello all,

The lovely folk at the Land Coalition are holding an online dialogue over
the next few weeks on "Using online platforms to increase access to open
data and
share best practices of monitoring women’s land rights" and they have asked
if the open-development list can take part. The idea is that a number of
different communities are all exploring shared questions on how digital
tools play a role in land rights. The questions being explored are below,
and any insights and answers shared on this list will be collated by the
Land Coalition team and will inform an in-depth paper to be presented at
the annual World Bank Land and Poverty Conference, to be held in Washington
DC from April 8-11 2013. More info at:

*Here's the background of the discussion:*

*"Given the rapid expansion of the internet and the increasing number of
users, including in the Global South, the full potential of online
platforms for promoting inclusive consultation of issues of high global
interest is certainly not yet realised. An online discussion is being
organised to share views and perspectives on how online platforms could be
used more creatively and effectively to share experiences on a key area
where information and lessons learned through various interventions from
around the world are generally dispersed, that is the area of monitoring
women’s land rights. The objective of the online discussion is therefore
twofold: (a) engage a collective reflection on ways of optimitising the use
of online platforms in efforts to promote equitable and sustainable natural
governance and social justice; and, (b) to share experiences on approaches
to monitoring women’s land rights."*

*And the questions:*

- Have you used collaborative online platforms to help promote equitable
access to land and natural resources? Can you share with us an example?

- To what extent can collaborative online platforms contribute to the
opening of data? Can you share with us an example?

- Can you share with us any examples on how can they contribute to
increasing transparency in land and natural resource governance?

- For the collaborative online platforms you have used, what have been the
advantages and drawbacks? What suggestions do you have to improve them?
Any answers? Share with the list, or over on the land coalition site:

More background information on this online dialogue is also attached.

All best wishes


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people prefer just to get updates now and then.  You can edit your list
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